The lines have probably started to form in front of Apple stores across the world for the coming of the “sixth Messiah”, but we know there are better and more sensibly priced options around. Take Sony’s Xperia T and J, for example, a freshly unveiled high-end/mid-range smartphone duo ready to hit the market by the end of September.

The two new devices have starred in an embarrassing episode of the age-old release date “mix-up”, the interest surrounding their release still is, as it should be, at a peak.

UK is still in pole-position to get the Xperia T and J before any other market, and we’ve now started to hear about the carriers preparing to start selling the two phones. As expected, no carrier will be getting exclusivity over any of the devices, which is good news for regular users, who’ll have more freedom of choice.

The Sony Xperia T has been confirmed to hit Three, Vodafone, and O2, while the Xperia J is only heading to the first two carriers. The only network who’s announced a release date for one of the two phones is O2, expected to start selling the Xperia T on September 26.

That fits nicely with Phones4U’s own planned launch of the Xperia J, although recent history tells us that we should not get excited just yet. Especially given the fact that Three and Vodafone don’t seem eager to reveal any launch date.

What is certain nevertheless is that O2 will be the only UK carrier to market the Xperia T as “The Bond Phone” and also the one to sell an exclusive white version of the handheld for a limited time. As far as pricing goes, nobody is advertising any numbers, but we’re pretty sure that the phone will go on sale for £415 (around $665) in its SIM-free unlocked flavor.

The Xperia J is also officially announced as “coming soon” to Vodafone and Three, with no details on pricing and exact availability. We’re guessing that, because the little guy is more modestly equipped than the T, it might be launched after it, maybe on September 28 or maybe even on October 1. As for pricing, the Xperia J is thought to cost only £140 ($225) off-contract.

Strangely enough, Everything Everywhere doesn’t seem keen into this game at the moment. We understand that EE has bigger fish to fry right now, but I don’t think it would be wise to deny customers the chance to purchase the Xperia T and the Xperia J.

So, what is it for you? The T’s high-end power and great looks or the J’s affordability and portability?