Sony Xperia with Dual Shock 3 controller
How would you like to play your choice of Android or PlayStation Mobile games with the use of a true blue DUALSHOCK 3 PlayStation controller? Well, you already can, actually. As long as you go through a few minor hoops. But soon, none of that will be necessary, as it appears that Sony is planning to equip its Xperia-branded Android smartphones with native support for controllers originally meant to be used on the Sony PS3.

As evidenced by photos of the upcoming Sony Xperia SP‘s settings menu, there will be a new “DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller” menu option for users which will allow easy pairing of controllers through the use of Bluetooth and USB-OTG. The initial setup apparently requires a USB connection, but after that’s done, only a Bluetooth connection will be necessary.

For anyone with an interest in playing PlayStation Mobile titles on the go, or for those who consider themselves to be hardcore Android gamers, this is exciting news. One can only hope that this new feature will be rolled out — perhaps via a future software update — to most or all of Sony’s Xperia handsets, especially those in the high-end such as the Sony Xperia Z.

Check out the DUALSHOCK 3 software menu and controller in action via the embedded video below.

David Gonzales
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