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XP Mod Launcher makes Android look and work like Windows XP

June 22, 2012
android xp mod launcher

What’s this? Windows XP on your Android device?

Well, not quite, it’s XP Mod Launcher. A team of developers called team.fluxion have taken upon themselves the very complex challenge of making Android look exactly like Windows XP. So, in effect, it’s a mod, or a more advanced launcher for your phone or tablet, that replicates the XP experience down to the smallest detail.

Users can go and explore through folders by using the appropriate (Android) apps. You can even copy, cut and paste stuff on it, much like you would in a real XP environment.  Of course, the XP mod for Android mostly concerns the interface, as the back-end stuff is still handled just like on any other Android device.

But the extreme makeover goes to show not only the developers’ skills, but also how advanced Android really is – almost as much as a desktop OS – for it to be able to do all these things. Here’s a short video of the launcher in action, courtesy of YouTube user Maik2011videos

Although the launcher is just in beta for the moment, it seems to be very smooth and stable. As you would expect, the launcher only works in landscape mode, but it should work on most phones, except the very low-end ones.

Obviously, this app is going to be a lot more enjoyable on a tablet than on a phone, simply because of the size constraints, but you can still give it a try right now for free.