Thought the dual-core, 1Ghz Nvidia Tegra 2 was fast? Think again!. A recently released app will enable you to overclock your Xoom to enjoy performance gains of over 50%. The SetCPU app quickly and easily enables you to increase the clock speed   by 20%, or 50%, depending on how much juice you want to let flow through your Xoom.

Motorola Xoom Honeycomb Gets Even Faster with Overclocking

While we have to advise you that overclocking is somewhat of a risky endeavour, it isn’t all bad. With performance gains like this, you will have to try it for yourself . The SetCPU app will enable you to easily obtain a 50% clock speed increase from the Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset and, most likely, not affect battery life too much. There was a reason NVidia opted to clock the ARM Cpu’s at 1Ghz however, and we would advise against prolonged use of the app to enhance performance. Such speeds can potentially damage the device and would obviously void your warranty as well.

But who cares? With speeds like this, the Xoom blows away benchmarks set by other dual-core tablets like the LG Optimus Pad, BlackBerry PlayBook and HTC Flyer, and make it the fastest tablet out there as of this very moment. Apparently the Xoom is substantially easier to overclock according to the makers of SetCPU, whereas the others will more challenging.

Check out the cool video below to see the performance gains for yourself, and check out the download link if you are feeling adventurous!

Here Are the Instructions:

1. Make sure you’ve unlocked your Xoom’s bootloader for flashing first, then root it.
2. Grab this zip and extract it. It includes a boot.img with the overclocked kernel and a corresponding wifi module: Thanks to Koush for the rooted ramdisk in this boot.img!
3. Reboot into the bootloader by running:
adb reboot bootloader
4. Flash the boot image to your boot partition by running:
fastboot flash boot xoom_ocboot.img
5. Push the bcm4329.ko to your /system/lib/modules folder and reboot to re-enable wifi:
adb remount
adb push bcm4329.ko /system/lib/modules/bcm4329.ko
adb reboot

The kernel defaults to 1GHz max for safety, and also includes 1.2GHz and 1.4GHz steps in addition to the 1.504GHz step. I’ve also updated SetCPU to support the Xoom, so grab that (I know the interface currently looks bad on the Xoom; a tablet optimized interface is coming soon!). SetCPU versions prior to 2.1.1 will not work for setting speeds on the Xoom.
Download Here:

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