Finally, a true power users app that could potentially justify buying a Motorola Xoom, or any one of the other Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets. iDisplay has recently launched a very handy app for Android OS based devices that allows the user to use their smartphone or tablet as a secondary display. While it doesn’t afford the greatest refresh rates, it’s nice to have, and is very convenient if you are lacking in screen space. Like any second screen, it allows the user to use their additional space to their hearts content.

We haven’t had the chance to test it out on a Motorola Xoom or other similar Android 3.0 Tablet yet, but we did have the chance to try it out on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and it worked great.

In order to make it it to work, you first need to download the app onto your Android device. Once installed, you then must install some additional software onto your computer, which you can find at the link below.


The app itself cost $4.99 and is available on the Android Market.

We give it 3.5/5

iDisplay product page [Shape Services]


Darcy LaCouvee

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