When the Motorola XOOM  came out, it was packaged with Android 3.0. Well, as we all know, that number after Android keeps on moving at seemingly lightning-fast speeds for an OS. So, nowadays we’re tinkering around with version 3.1 of Android.

Thankfully, the updates have finally arrived. According to Google officials, for the past few days, Verizon 3G customers have been getting their OS update – and some lucky WiFi users were able to report that they were also able to do so as well. That means if you’re a proud owner of a XOOM, better be ready to receive that update. Here’s the very simple process of getting it to work.

If you ever open up your device and see the above update notice screen, that means it’s time for the update to grace your computer with its presence. Don’t worry if you accidentally skip the screen – the setting’s menu on the XOOM can access the System Updates option easily and bring up the screen independently.

To get things started, all you have to do is just push that “Restart & install” button and wait awhile for the update to come in. After a few minutes, the progress bar will be at the end of its course and the Motorola logo and some diagnostic text will scroll across the screen – and you’re done.

Nothing else to do but enjoy some of the new features: resizing widgets, a better app switcher, a quick-menu for web browsing, added support for video rentals on Google’s Android Market and online music service. Other improvements are minuscule speed bumps to browser performance.