In case you missed it, a week or so ago some poor guy posted a CCTV video on Facebook showing him casually working at his desk when his phone catches fire and explodes. That was a Xiaomi Mi 4i. Xiaomi has now officially responded to the incident and vowed to replace the device. Assuming the guy isn’t emotionally scarred from the experience and has decided to go back to feature phones for good, I guess that’s a positive thing.

Xiaomi sent the following statement to XDA Developers on the incident:

We take such matters seriously and we have already been investigating the matter. We have been in touch with the customer and will be getting his device this week to do further investigation. In the meantime, we have offered a replacement phone to the customer.

While the cause of the explosion is not yet know, hopefully Xiaomi will be able to get to the bottom of it once the damaged device is in hand. Besides a rash of Samsung fires a few years ago this kind of incident is highly unlikely, but as always, be careful using your phone if it is hot, especially when charging and make sure to only use original accessories and chargers. If all else fails: drop it like it’s hot.

Have you ever had a phone damaged by excess heat or fire? Do you use all original accessories?

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