Xiaomi Phone 2

For a technology company, Xiaomi hasn’t been around all that long. After all, the company’s first Android smartphone only launched last Fall.

Despite having only been in the market such a short amount of time, Xiaomi has managed to gather a pretty large following with its original Mi-One.

While most smartphone companies churn out model after model, Xiaomi has taken the focused approach of producing just one phone generation at a time. It’s for this reason that consumers in China and abroad are getting excited about the Xiaomi Mi2.

It’s been nearly a year since the Mi-One, which is a long time for one phone model to be on the market. While we’ve known about the next-generation Xiaomi for a while now, we recently learned that the phone would launch in the second-half of October for the Chinese market at 1,999 yuan ($310).

Don’t want to wait that long? If you are part of the 1,200 expert members from the Xiaomi and MIUI online communities, you don’t have to. Those on the list will be able to snag a Xiamo Phone 2 at 10 p.m. ET on the 21st of September.

Those lucky enough to be on the approved list aren’t guaranteed they will be able to get a device, though. Only 600 pre-production units will be available. For those who do manage to get their hands on one, they will also be able to swap their pre-production unit out for the final release at no extra cost.

What’s the point of the 600 unit limited run? It’s a good way for Xiaomi to test their new phones out in the wild and make necessary fixes to bugs and other problems that might arise.

For the rest of us that are interested in Xiaomi’s latest offering, we will likely have to wait until the official Chinese launch. The phones will likely make their way to Taiwan later in the year, as well.

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