xiaomi m2 sales gimmick

This week, Beijing based Xiaomi joined forces with Sina Weibo to test a new method of selling their phones on the popular Twitter like social media platform. The results were pretty phenomenal!

Up until this week, if you wanted to buy Xiaomi’s flagship quad-core Mi2 you would have to first earn enough community points on their forum, then trade those points for a number, and finally wait for sales day and hope you get to book the phone before thousands of other hopefuls.

This method has continued for months with each sale selling out in just minutes. Great news for Xiaomi, but not all that awesome if you happen to luck out while trying to get your dream phone.

xiaomi m2 quad-core phone china

To try and elevate things a tad, Xiaomi tested an all new sales method via their Sina Weibo account which didn’t’ need buyers to first earn points. As you would expect, the sale turned into a record sellout with 1.3 million orders placed in just over 4 minutes!

Unfortunately, Xiaomi only had 50,000 phones on offer and are now performing a lucky dip to choose who of those 1.3 million people will “win” the chance to hand over 1999 Yuan ($318) for the latest Xiaomi!

How would you feel about this method of sale if Xiaomi were to enter international markets?

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