Xiaomi-red-riceA glance at any list of top 10 phone makers is guaranteed to include Apple and Samsung and peppered around the list you would expect to see other big names like Sony, LG and HTC. But, that was before Xiaomi. According to new market research released by Counterpoint, an independent market research company, the list of 10 top selling smartphones for February 2014 includes not one, but two devices by Xiaomi.

The top of the list looks very much like you would expect. First comes the iPhone 5S and then the iPhone 5C and in third Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple and Samsung then jostle for the next few slots with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 taking the 4th position, then the iPhone4S and finally back to Samsung for the Galaxy S4 mini.

One of those employees is none other than Google's ex-Android Vice President, Hugo Barra.

So Apple and Samsung have the top 6 places secured. But who would you expect in the 7th spot? Sony? LG? HTC? The surprise entry at number 7 is Xiaomi with its Hongmi (Redrice) smartphone. This is an amazing achievement by Xiaomi. Especially when you consider that the company was only founded in 2010.

Currently the smartphone maker is valued at over $10 billion and has over 3,000 employees. One of those employees is none other than Google’s ex-Android Vice President, Hugo Barra. As the new Vice President of Xiaomi Global, Hugo Barro joined Xiaomi at the end of last year  to help it expand its product portfolio and business across the world.

Xiaomi launched its quad-core Hongmi (Redrice) back in August 2013 and if Counterpoint are right it looks like they have been selling like hot (rice) cakes. The Hongmi is a 4.7 inch device powered by a  1.5GHz quad-core Mediatek Cortex-A7 processor. It has a PowerVR SGX544 GPU, 1GB of RAM, an 8MP rear camera, a 1.3MP front camera, and a 2000 mAh battery. The dual-SIM phone only comes with 4GB on internal storage but it does have an SD card slot. One thing that makes the device unique is that it runs the Android-based MIUI firmware.


In 8th place on Counterpoint’s list is Samsung again with the trusty Galaxy S3 and Samsung come back again with the Galaxy S3 mini for 9th place. To round off the top 10 Xiamoi make another appearance with its MI3 phone.

The MI3 is Xiaomi’s current flagship phone. It comes with a 5-inch full HD display, 2GB of RAM and up to 64GB of internal storage. The device is powered by a 1.8 Ghz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 4 processor or 2.3Ghz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor depending on which radio frequencies need to be supported. To round off the package there is a 13MP Sony Exmore RCMOS rear camera and a nice 3,050 mAh battery. Like the Hongmi, the MI3 runs MIUI.

So what does this mean for the future? One thing is for sure, if Hugo Barro can turn Xiaomi into a truly global brand then Apple and Samsung had better watch out!

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