The Xiaomi Mi 5X and Xiaomi Mi 6 were launched within the last few months in China. The Mi 6, one of Xiaomi’s flagship phones, launched in April, while the Mi 5X went on sale more recently on August 1. Both are currently available in China, but neither has yet seen a release in Xiaomi’s other major market, India.

That may soon change, however, as Xiaomi has begun teasing an India event on September 5 which may see one of these handsets unveiled.

The invite says that a “flagship dual camera” product will launch at the New Delhi event, above the image of what is likely a representation of its dual camera setup. This large and small sensor approach is the same as can be found on the Xiaomi Mi 5X and Mi 6’s dual camera approach (which make use of one wide-angle lens and one telephoto lens).

Given that it’s a dual camera device, that the Mi 5X was recently released in China, and the fact that Xiaomi is asking fans to retweet if they know the product that will launch (as oppose to a new handset they’ve never seen or heard of), the Mi 5X is probably the strongest contender. The Mi 5X also may be available to wider consumer base than the Mi 6 as it’s priced a little lower.

That said, the Mi 6 is closer to what you would call a “flagship” product, which is what is being teased. The jury’s still out.

Another possibility is that this relates to the upcoming Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. As its predecessor began as China-exclusive, though, and was somewhat experimental by nature, launching this device in New Delhi with these kinds of promo materials seems unlikely (Xiaomi would probably focus on its end-to-end display).

The Xiaomi Mi 5X went on sale in China for CNY 1,499, which would mean you’re looking at around Rs. 14440 in India, while the Mi 6 (pictured above) started at CNY 2,499, or around Rs. 24,000.

Which device would you prefer to see hit India? Let us know in the comments.

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