Thinking of taking your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 on your next business trip abroad? While Verizon has promised that a software update to make the Galaxy S3 a global phone would be rolled out, a release date has never been confirmed. If you don’t want to leave it to chance, here’s a workaround that XDA forum member lair12 has concocted, which will turn your Galaxy S3 into a full-fledged world GSM phone.

By going to the original thread at XDA, you can get in-depth tutorial on how to make your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 work on foreign soil – with in-depth being the keyword here. There are a lot of steps to follow and you’ll need some knowledge on how to root your Galaxy S3, as well as using ClockworkMod Recovery. You’ll also need to download several apps from Google Play for the method to work.

As a preview, here’s what lair12 has posted on the thread:

a1- rooted the phone with stock ROM
a2- use sprint.recovery.image for clockworkmod (others may work as well)
a3- load APN Manager app from Google Play
a4 – load HiAPN Global app from Google Play
a5 – load Ghost Commander app from Google Play
a6 – load Dropbox app from Google Play
a7- load PhoneInfo app from Google Play
a8 – back up APN’s to sd card through HiAPN
a9- edit “apnlist_backup.xml” found at sdcard>HiDroid_Net>HiAPN using Ghost Commander app (select DB text editor to open) and then edit to include your required APN information. 

Think they’re long and complicated enough? Those are actually just the things that you need to do before you leave the country. The tutorial also shows you the steps to make the actual switch from LTE to GSM once you hit your destination, as well as how to return the phone to its original state.

Check out the link for the complete and detailed instruction if you’re still interested.