xda Android-hacker-toolkit

With over 4.5 million registered users, the XDA-Developers community has established itself as one of the strongest and most connected Android hacking online “groups”. And what better way to grow and expand than by helping other, more inexperienced users gain access to this wonderful developing world?

That’s probably exactly what Jason Tyler and Will Verduzco asked themselves when they started working on the “XDA Developers’ Android Hacker’s Toolkit” book, released yesterday, and available for purchase both in “physical” and e-book forms.

The book intends to be a “complete guide to rooting, ROMs and theming” and is a “simple, one-stop resource on hacking techniques for beginners”, according to contributor Will Verduzco’s statements. Available for  $21 to $24, the hacking guide can be found on Amazon in its more traditional, paper-printed version, but it can also be downloaded from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Google Play.

While its main target is to help newbies get the grasp of ROMing and theming Android, the book should not be avoided by more experienced developers. After all, you should never stop learning and this guide seems like it can help you widen your area of expertise.

There are step-by-step instructions provided for developing your own custom ROMs for several popular Android-based devices, including Motorola’s Droid and Xoom, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series, and LG’s Optimus line of smartphones, but also general information about what Android hacking entails in a wider sense.

And if you’re still not sold by the idea of spending around 20 bucks for the book, you should know that all funds raised by selling the hacking guide will be donated by the XDA team to EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), a nonprofit organization established to defend “people’s rights in the digital world”. If that’s not an honorable reason to buy a book these days, I honestly don’t know what is…