It can’t be argued that games in the Google Play Store are getting better all the time. They currently range from a simple card or puzzle games to full featured games suitable for some consoles. So it’s no surprise that some console games are actually making their way to Android. This includes the popular Xbox Live Arcade shooter, Ikaruga.

One the highly touted features of Ikaruga is the game play. As Droid Gamers explains, the game is based around a color polarity mechanic. What that means is if the bullets and your ship are the same color, then they won’t hurt you. If they aren’t, then they will. This is a pretty unique game play feature and one that isn’t seen often.

Other than it’s interesting mechanics, the game is also pretty intense to play. Bullets are pretty much constantly firing from everyone. There are also obstacles players must get around while playing. For a top-down scroller, the graphics are actually pretty good too. It’s interesting to note that the main character’s name, Shinra, pays indirect homage to one of the most popular Final Fantasy games of all time. If you’d like to see the game play, we’ve posted a video below.

Where can I get Ikaruga?

It’s availabe in Google Play Store for $9.00 USD. That’s a pretty steep price for the game, but given its high ratings it could be worth it. As Droid Gamers reports, the game was briefly made available to Japanese markets only. However, now it should be available for everyone.

If the game looks up your alley, check it out at the Google Play Store link in the sources. However, is the game worth its high price tag? Also, could this be helping pave the way for more console ports?


Joe Hindy
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