By now, I’m sure all of you are familiar with Ouya and that fact that it will begin shipping later this month. Ouya is a console designed specifically for playing Android games, so logically, it makes sense that it could potentially run other Android applications as well. In fact, the developers of XMBC actually announced last year that it would be able to run Ouya, making the possible uses for the device much more numerous.

XBMC developer Nathan Betzen was able to test the application on a pre-release version of Ouya and uploaded a video to his YouTube channel. Keep in mind that the controller is not the final design, but it’s safe to assume that the console is most likely the version customers will be receiving.

In the video, XBMC is running at about 54fps, which will be pretty close to full speed. As you can see, basic UI transitions and even 1080p video perform almost flawlessly. At the moment, it appears that not all formats are running as smoothly, unfortunately. The support for various codecs comes from libstagefright, which is not completely stable. As a result, early users should stick to standard and popular formats.

For those who forgot, Ouya has an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage. If you didn’t order one during the Kickstarter campaign, then you can order one now, which would ship out in June.

Brendan Lynch
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