There’s some good news for those using their Android devices as home media hubs: XBMC has just released its Beta 3 APK. For those unfamiliar with XBMC or the concept of HTPC (home theater PC) it’s essentially a single software package designed for viewing your entire picture, music and video collection. More recently, home theater programs have also integrated connects to other network devices or Internet services to view content from them too.

What sets XBMC apart from other services is that it’s a free, open source project available in over 30 different languages.  That and the staggering selection of media streaming add-ons which grant you access to content from hundreds of popular online services such as Grooveshark, 1Channel and TED Talks to name just a few.

The Beta 3 update adds numerous bug fixes, tweaks, stability improvements, support for Android 4.2 and compatibility with Tegra 2 chip-sets.  But keep in mind that this is not a finalized build; there are a few kinks still to be worked out with HD video, battery drain and touch screen sensitivity.

If you’re interested in checking out XBMC it’s recommended that you are running Android 4.0 or newer (compatibility with older Gingerbread devices is reported to work in some cases) and you’ll need to pick from two slightly different builds.  The NEON build is compatible with most devices, whereas the Non-NEON apk is needed if you’re running Tegra 2 or non-ARM devices.

Grab the latest download HERE.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer covering SoCs, displays, cameras, and everything in between. In his spare moments you'll find him building audio gadgets.