With the number of games dedicated to helping people be ready in instances of a zombie attack, it can only be expected that new tools will be introduced to the market. This is exactly what the creators of Xappr intended, when they released the light gun style accessory compatible for both iOS and Android devices. The company responsible for this innovation is MetalCompass. Through the accessory, users get to communicate with the compatible games on their phone and allow them move their character with the gun and fire the trigger. Attached to the accessory is a standard headphone which registers clicks. To hold the phone in place, the device also has a flexible clamp.

The accessory has been found compatible with standard shooting games or even augmented reality titles which incorporate the camera of the smartphone. For developers who wish to incorporate Xappr along with their existing or new game, they can use the supplied SDK.

As of this writing, there are only three iOS games that use the hardware. However, they have not yet been released. Soon, there will be an exciting game developed by an Israeli which lets the gun simulate laser tag. Developers, you should get busy!


MetalCompass plans to release the accessory later this year. However, they will be showing it off at the International Toy Fair in Germany. The toy can be pre-ordered from the website of the company through PayPal at a price of $44.99. Shipping is expected to start in June.

Christine Torralba
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