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X-Link App: Sharing Files Wirelessly Among Multiple Android Devices and PC

March 16, 2012

Sharing files from an Android device to a computer or vice-versa often requires the use of a USB cable.  Though relatively faster, such wired connections are also more cumbersome in comparison to wireless file sharing.

As for wireless file transfers, there’s Bluetooth, which you can use among phones/tablets, and between a phone/tablet and a computer, provided the computer is Bluetooth-enabled.

Here comes another way to share files wirelessly: X-Link, an Android app that lets you share files remotely with other Android devices and even to a computer.

X-Link is a file sharing tool developed by XDA Developer member joschi70. Based on users’ reviews of the app, it could be considered one of the simplest and fastest remote file sharing tools, as long as you  have a fast Wi-Fi connection.

The developer has also created a desktop counterpart so that desktops and notebooks can join in the file transfer frenzy–for as long as they are on the same Wi-Fi network.  Sharing a file only requires a simple drag-and-drop procedure that allows you to share files very fast.

The desktop client is based on Java and has been tested on Windows and Linux machines.

What makes this app outstanding is that it does not require setting up.  Install the app and share away.  This is so because the app uses multicasting for searching for clients within the same wireless network.

Another feather in this app’s cap is its ability to copy whole directories from one device to another.  So, you can send all those files in just one go.

Using X-Link

When you launch the X-Link app, you will see a large switch for toggling the visibility of your device on the network. When someone shares a file to your device, you are asked to allow the connection invitation.  You will also be prompted about where you want to save the received file.



When you want to share a file to another device, you go to the X-Link option found in the file sharing menu. Then, you have to select the device that you want to share the file with, just like using Bluetooth. One thing that you need to note is that in order to share or receive a file through X-Link, the app must be running on your device.

While the device-to-device function is working perfectly, some functions for the desktop client still need to be worked out a bit, especially for Windows 7.  This OS version seems to have a problem with multicasting (according to some test runs), which is basically what X-Link utilizes to share files.

According to the developer’s test runs, none of the Android devices was detected by the desktop client and vice-versa. X-Link is still in beta stage, which means that a lot are still being worked on, although we can expect the software to stabilize and mature over time.

Here’s a video demo of X-Link:

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If you want to try hassle-free wireless file/directory transfers, get the X-Link app free from the Google Play Store.  And, if you want to be able to share files to or receive files on your desktop, install the X-Link desktop client.