What is WW2: Sandbox, Strategy & Tactics

WW2: Sandbox, Strategy & Tactics is a strategy game where you must build your army and defeat your opponents. The game board and mechanics are reminiscent of the classic board game Risk so if you’ve played that, you know what you’re getting into. The game is free to demo and you can purchase the full version as an in app purchase for around $2US. It’s also the sequel to another Herocraft game of a similar name. The main difference is that this game removes historical restrictions and lets you just play.

Here’s how you play the game. You will play on a map of the world. Your territories have troops assigned to them. You can build more troops or use your current troops to attack your opponents. Since this is a WW2 themed game, the territories, opponents, and general theme are from that era. You can also coordinate attacks if you have multiple territories nearby. You’ll also use ground troops as well as air troops and artillery.

The graphics are about as good as you can expect from a digital version of a board game. The controls aren’t confusing but they are complex and we highly recommend you use the tutorial if you start playing so you can understand what’s happening. WW2: Sandbox, Strategy & Tactics uses a statistic called Operational Index that forces you to slow down if you’re making too many moves at once. For the most part, everything is pretty straightforward.

WW2: Sandbox, Strategy & Tactics screenshot

It's like Risk on your smartphone.


Mechanics and graphics are similar to the hit board game Risk and we liked that.
The game is easy to learn but we recommend using the tutorial.
Ground, artillery, and air troops provide many ways to attack the opponents.
Cloud saves are enabled via Google Play Games services so you can play across devices.
The graphics are pretty decent for a digital board game.


It is a paid game and they really should've mentioned that somewhere in the app description.
There are some bugs and freezing issues here and there but the developers have been releasing updates to try to fix it.
Despite the easy controls and good graphics, the game does occasionally feel clunky.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a fun little time waster that requires a little more thought than other time wasters. Some people have taken exception that the free version is just a demo and that’s reflected in the game’s rating. It is better than it’s 3.9 Google Play rating would seem to indicate but do have to keep in mind that this is a paid game. If you’re up for trying it out, click the button below!

google play

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