Google media streaming service

If you’re enjoying your All Access Play Store music streaming service, Google may have something else in store for you. Now that the search magnate has music knocked, they’re looking for your attention elsewhere.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google has approached several major media companies about licensing their content for a TV service. Like Netflix or Hulu, the service would be internet based. Unlike Netflix or Hulu, Google has avenues in place which would immediately garner them a large audience.

Content is the driving force behind any media streaming service Google intends on offering.

YouTube was granted a beta program for subscription channels earlier this year. While those are individual channels, with programming at the sole discretion of the operator, this new service is said to offer a more traditional approach to TV service. While we think YouTube is a distinct avenue for launching the service, there are certainly hardware concerns, since the living room is where we most often watch TV.

Google TV is often maligned, and just hasn’t found its footing. Third party manufacturers see losses rather than gains, and Logitech went so far as to back out entirely. When consumers look on the shelf, Google TV is often more than double the cost of other streaming boxes like Roku. If Google intends to have us watch TV, they’ll need to offer a streaming content box with a simple, clean interface and content we all want.

This leads us to another fascinating discovery, made earlier this year. While the Nexus Q floundered, Google submitted a streaming device to the FCC. No official news on that device has come to light, but with the fall fast approaching, we are expecting a full Nexus relaunch. A new Nexus phone, tablet(s), and hopefully a streaming device will be announced.

Content is the driving force behind any media streaming service Google intends on offering. Unless the content is there, we won’t care. By now, Google has probably realized that Amazon and Apple just plain do it better, and TV is their opportunity to make headway into media streaming.