With just a few hours to go until the next-generation Galaxy S model becomes official, we have one more report for you that highlights one Galaxy S4 feature, the integration of SwiftKey’s prediction software.

You’re probably more than aware what SwiftKey can do since the SwiftKey keyboard app is quite popular among Android users – in case you don’t it’s suffice to say that we’re looking at software capable of predicting what your next key press will be based on your typing habits, and therefore improve your whole typing-on-a-touchscreen experience.

The WSJ has it from unnamed people familiar with the matter that the Galaxy S4 will include the technology:

Case in point, Samsung Electronics Co. will include SwiftKey’s predictive technology in the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 [sic], which will be unveiled at an event in New York on Thursday, according to a person familiar with the matter.

“In the Android space where you have a lot of competition, a little thing like [predictive typing] can make a huge difference,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at Enderle Group.

We’re going to have more Galaxy S4 details for you later today, as we get closer to the announcement event which we’re going to be liveblogging for you. While you wait, check out our Galaxy S4 contest that’s open to all Android Authority readers!