The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

According to a story posted today by The Wall Street Journal, Google is experiencing some delays that will cause some of the upcoming Android based phones to be pushed back a bit for release. From the start Google has said to expect new devices in “the second half” of 2008, so the WSJ’s source’s claim that devices won’t show up until Q4 of this year is hardly earth shattering.

The interesting bits of the story are those that claim that Sprint’s Android based device is going to be pushed back until 2009 because the T-Mobile USA Android phone is using up too many of Google’s resources. T-Mobile has said before that it will release the first Android powered mobile phone, and this unnamed WSJ source seems to strengthen that claim.

Another interesting piece of the story is that Sprint might scrap plans for an EV-DO based Android phone in lieu of one that runs on its upcoming WiMAX network instead.

The Wall Street Journal’s story also goes on to claim that developers are finding it somewhat difficult to build applications for a platform that is, to this day, still a moving target. The story also says that some carriers have been having trouble customizing the platform and integrating their own services into the device.

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