Contacts Sync

Contacts Sync

Wrike and Intermedia have sponsored the development of an application for Android smartphones that will copy down contacts from an Exchange server’s web services portal down to the phone. While not claiming to offer two-way sync (yet), the app could be helpful for new Android users that don’t already have their contacts in Gmail.

Update 10/22/08: The Contacts Sync app is now available direct from the Android Market, which makes it much easier to obtain. Make sure you read the update at the bottom of this post for some help on getting the app up and running.

For my part, I tried to get the application, Contacts Sync, to work and had no success (at first, see update below). It seems obvious that the app was not developed by experienced Android developers, because the settings option for the app brings up a list of seemingly random options to choose from, only one of which gets you to the settings screen for the app, while others cause the app to stop responding, necessitating a forced application close.

I managed to configure the app, but never got it to sync. (See update below) It always reported a synchronization error, but never gave any specifics. So the URL I gave it could be wrong (though it works for web access from my browser), or there could be another problem completely – I simply have no idea.

In any case, here’s hoping that with a little more work this will become a viable solution for would-be G1 users that are waiting for Exchange support. To install the app, point your G1’s browser to and select the “Free Download” button.

Update: The folks at Wrike helped us out and determined the problem. It seems that our hosted Exchange service,, does not have a needed auto-discovery function enabled on the server. Wrike provided us with the correct URL to use for 4Smartphone ( and the application now works as expected. It takes a few minutes for the contacts to copy over – but everything is working smoothly now. Kudos to Andrew and the rest of the Wrike support team.

If you get it to work, let us know in the comments!

[via BoyGeniusReport]

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