The remote viewing of live webcams isn’t exactly new to us. In fact, we are already using it every day as we communicate through Skype and other forms of social interaction. Because of this, the popularity of using webcams to communicate has skyrocketed and has led to a lot of innovative creations such as viewing the world in real time. Worldscope Webcams is gaining popularity in the multilingual Android world, helping users catch a glimpse of real locations just by using their Android phones.

You can stream high-quality views of the Niagara Falls, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or even live traffic in the busy streets of New York City. Not only that, the app will also deliver weekly weather forecast of your selected locations. The app allows you to set your favorite webcam view as your phone’s live wallpaper so you can enjoy time-lapse videos of revered places on Earth.

Worldscope Webcams is not the only application of its kind to feature remote webcam viewing, but it does, however, have a huge percentage of devout users, thanks to its extensive live webcam database comprised of hundreds of locations.

The app is simple to use and in terms of graphics, Wordscope Webcam sports a brand-new Holo-themed homescreen inspired by Ice Cream Sandwich. On the app’s main screen, you can find several webcam views nested under several categories: Popular, Random, New, Recently Viewed, and Time-Lapse video.

Once you have chosen your desired webcam view, you will then be able to add your favorite locations, refresh a scene, toggle between the live image or time-lapse video if it permits, switch to Daylight view, locate the place on a map, search for nearby hotels, save the current image, set the image as a wallpaper, or activate the time-lapse recording feature. You can also share the view with your buddies.

Each time-lapse recording is fully configurable and can be set to fetch images at custom time intervals. Time-lapse videos can also be paused anytime, great for capturing high-resolution photos.

Added time-lapse photos come with underlying images and will be listed under the Recordings screen. Captured images are displayed alongside each task, but the app doesn’t let you bind these captured images and turn into time-lapse videos. You’ll have to make do with user-specified images.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Wordscope Webcams supports homescreen widgets that will keep on rotating image feeds in a carousel, bringing you the freshest webcam images from random locations specified on your favorites list. You can also manually update the live wallpaper with just a single tap on the widget.

Wordscope Webcams is available in two varieties: the ad-supported free version, and the premium version that costs US$1.99. You can grab your copy by heading to the Google Play Store.

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