Guess what – Sharp has just made an attention-grabbing announcement regarding their very own Android smartphone. Sharp’s smartphone will be named as the Aquos Hybrid 007sh, which is also the first ever Android clamshell phone. Sharp is trying to catch everyone’s attention and this will certainly bring something “new” to the world of Android. We know one thing – it’ll certainly be super popular in Asia, and in particular Japan and Korea. While the phone certainly looks a bit old-fashioned – believe it or not – it’s still equipped with remarkably impressive specs.

Who wouldn’t want a phone powered by a 1GHz next generation Snapdragon processor,  with a front-facing camera (the resolution still unknown) and a 16-megapixel rear camera? Plus, its already furnished with pre-installed apps such as Dropbox and Qik app for you own delight. Additionally, it will feature a 3.4 inch flippable touch screen invigorated with a 3D ready display and a 3D TV Tuner. Although the device has a retro look to it, and seems like it might be running an older version of Android, it’s not – it’s got Android 2.3! Cool!

The Aquos Hybrid 007sh will be launched in Japan first. If it will become a smash hit, it will sell worldwide. There’s actually a good chance that this phone will sell well, and we are very keen to get our hands on one to do some photo/video testing. 16MP camera on a phone? Oh yeah. The question now is  – can it go along and shatter the hype of the Galaxy S II? Sharp is crossing their fingers hoping it will.

Honestly, the phone seems a little bit strange but I can’t argue more with its specs – they are indeed impressive. If given a chance to acquire this phone, would you?

Source: Android Guys