As far as word puzzle games are concerned, Words with Friends is probably still the most popular title on the platform. As fun as it is, it lacks a certain thrill that players usually seek out of a game, considering that you can take all the time in the world to craft a word and make your move – alright, maybe there’s a couple of days time limit. That won’t be the case when you play Wordsplosion.

After hitting iOS devices, Wordsplosion is finally available on the Play Store for free and is ready to make some noise. The rule of the game is very simple: guess the five letter word before time runs out. That’s it! While you can only guess for five times, the first letter will be given.

Seeing that you’re racing against the clock, there’s no time to consult a dictionary or an anagram solver website. It’s all you and your mad vocab skills – and a little bit of luck. Play well enough and you’ll see your name on the leaderboards.

If your hands are itching to start,  click on the Google Play link below to grab the fast-paced Wordsplosion.

Bams Sadewo
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