A new version of WordPress for Android has been released on Google Play, bringing several tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes to the mobile blogging app. WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform in the world (WP powers Android Authority too), so we’re sure the new update will please a lot of people, from high profile journalists to blogging moms.

WordPress for Android v. 2.1 comes with an autosave timer, so you can edit posts on the go and know that your work is safe. The autosave feature will spare you from the agony of having to rewrite a post if the app somehow freezes or closes mid-writing. Posts will be autosaved by default every 60 seconds.

Users of the new WordPress for Android app can also edit comments now, with the inclusion of a new Edit button, which allows you to change the name, e-mail, URL, comment text, and status – basically the full experience that you’re used to on the web.

Aside from those two major new features, here are the other changes and additions to the WordPress for Android version 2.1 app:

  • Added support for setting the width of linked images
  • All new WordPress.com reader. Navigating posts is much faster and you can add comments to posts that you are reading. You can also share the post to other Android apps!
  • UI improvements
  • New app icon
  • Reliability improvements
  • Translation updates

So, if you ever found yourself stuck without a computer facing a looming deadline, blog posting on your Android tablet or smartphone will be more bearable using the new WordPress for Android app. By the way, the app is also available for download on the Amazon Appstore and Nook Apps. And if you want to know what other options you have, check out our Top 6 blogging apps for Android devices.

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