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Build a WordPress website without learning a thing

We'd all like to be WordPress wizards, but these things take time to learn. If you just want a quick and professional website here's a $49.99 solution.
May 18, 2018

Sometimes it’s nice to learn stuff and sometimes it’s nice to get around it.

Almost a third of the internet is run on WordPress. We call it home too. WordPress is a great option if you’re looking to build a website, but it requires some training to make a site look professional and keep it secure.

Luckily there are ways around these issues if you’re new to the web game. That’s where the WordPress Build and Host Bundle comes in. This two-part learning kit gives you Dragify WordPress Builder to put your online home together, and an SSDPage Premium Plan to protect it.

Dragify is a simple solution to website design. You get access to 200+ pre-designed blocks and 45+ widgets. All you have to do is drag and drop the ones you like, then input the text. It’s that easy, and it’s meant to be. Okay it’s not quite as versatile as learning every nuance of WordPress, but it sure is easier.


Besides, unless you have an extremely specific design in mind, you’re sure to find pleasing components in Dragify. In fact, you can keep an open mind and search their range for inspiration. You get a professional looking site, and technical support is included for a year.

Once your site is up and running, the SSDPage Anti-Hacker Web Hosting Premium Plan is designed to keep it safe. This enterprise-grade security protects your project from CXS malware, DDOS attacks, and much more scary cybercriminal activity.

How SSDPage keeps you safe:

  • Actively scans files for malware as they’re uploaded to the site.
  • Prevents hackers from scanning the server for vulnerable files & gaining root access.
  • Protects your customers’ credit cards & other sensitive information.
  • Monitors webspace, FTP space, email, & other public directories for viruses.
  • Limits the number of logins from a specific user within a time period.
  • Blocks suspect IP addresses.
  • Protect your site from other unauthorized websites that link to your files.

You get lifetime access to both premium packages, so the bundle is worth a pretty penny. Fortunately it’s always discount day at AAPicks, and we’re spotlighting this deal today because right now there’s a 96% price drop. You can sign up for just $49.99.

No excuses not to set up that website you’ve had in mind anymore. Follow the link below to find the deal.

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