Word games have evolved into many different variations throughout the years. One of the famous games that deals with letters is the all-time favorite classic Scrabble. Many games have recently sprouted on the Google Play Store and most of them involve users playing with letters. Word Crank is another word puzzle game that requires players to form words using blocks falling from the sky.

Basically, Word Crank is a mash-up of Bejeweled and Scrabble. There are three difficulty levels to choose from that involve 3-, 4-, and 5-letter levels for players to create a word out of. If you have always wanted to enhance your vocabulary, this is a great way to do it, as the game is a great companion for learning new words and improving your spelling.

Random letters will fall from the sky and, depending on the difficulty, you’ll have to spell or create words out of them. If you spell a word correctly, the corresponding blocks that you have used to spell the word will automatically disappear. Flaming letters (J,V,Z,X etc.), rigged with explosives, are the less commonly used in the alphabet and once used as part of a word will blow the letters in that column. If a column of letters reaches the top of the screen, the game is over and you lose the game.

There are also grey blocks that have no letters. They are called Grunge Bricks and they fall from top of the screen. They can’t be used to create a word. Their purpose is only to take up space and push a column of blocks to the top.

As soon as the game starts, music will begin to play in the background and the blocks will rain from the sky. Creating a word is simple. Just select letters to form words, which will light up with a green background indicating that they have been selected.

On the upper left hand corner, you can find your objective or the length of word you need to form with the bricks. As the game progresses, bricks will fall faster and the word length will increase, from three letters to four and then five.

Word Crank also has an Open Feint feature that will automatically post your score online if you are connected to the Internet. So, if you feel like if you are up to the challenge, then going online is the way to go.

World Crank is a solid, clean game that appeals to many ages. It is also a good way to kill time during your lunch break. Not only is this game fun but can also be a great way to polish your vocabulary and your spelling.

You can download Word Crank absolutely free or go elite by paying a small fee of US$0.99.