Chances are, if you’re reading this website, you’re a techie. (That’s okay, we’re even bigger nerds for writing it in the first place.)

Regardless of your geek/nerd/dork/techie status, we can all agree on one thing: saving money is great. Daily deal site Woot! became popular offering one item at a great price each day, but as its reach grew, so did its offerings.

With sites like Woot, Tech.Woot, Home.Woot, and Sport.Woot all offering their own deals each day, staying on top of everything can become a daunting task. Fortunately, GT Media’s own Woot Check has simplified the process, all from the palm of your hand.

Hopping straight into Woot Check, you’ll notice right off the bat how easy it is to navigate around. A simple swipe left or right takes to over to a different Woot column, and every new Woot column is both conveniently color-coded and labeled up top.

A refresh button up at the top allows you to manually refresh the deal, so if the clock has just struck twelve and you’re itching to see what new item is for sale, you’ve got the option to.

Also up top is the item description button (looks like a piece of paper), so you can read the hilarious stories the Woot folks write up for each item.

The last button up top, (and perhaps the most important), is the menu button. Hitting the menu button gives you three options: Comments, Share, and Preferences.

Comments is exactly what it sounds like: reading the comments on any item’s page. The downside is that the comments don’t exist within the app, and you’ll actually be redirected to an external web page in your browser. (Kind of a pain.)

Share is fairly straightforward, giving you a list of places you can share this Woot deal, like Facebook, Gmail, or Google+, to name a few.

Preferences is where you can really take control of the Woot Check experience and fiddle with what you don’t like. Here you can enable or disable background notifications, turn sounds on and off, and change the change the Woot-Off refresh interval.

If there’s a particular Woot site you’re passionate about, you can enable only specific notifications, but a generic, catch-all notification is enabled by default and covers all the Woot sites listed. Other than that, the preferences are bare.

As I mentioned in my video review, Woot Check is a “minion” of Woot, which means you could be redirected to a different page (in your browser) before you can purchase anything.

I’ve been assured that this is just so the developers get a small cut for referring you to Woot, (and they say helps pay for further development), but I figured it best to make this clear upfront so no one feels jolted.

(In my experience with it, the external site redirects to Woot so quickly, you probably won’t even notice.)

Overall, I’m very pleased with Woot Check. It offers a streamlined, Holo-friendly Woot experience, alerts you to new deals with notifications (should you choose), and does it all for free.


  • Holo-theming is consistent with Android design guidelines
  • Customizable notifications
  • Free-to-use


  • Redirects to an external site before going to
  • Comments option opens up a browser window
  • Can’t purchase from within Woot Check app
Woot Check is completely, absolutely free and works with all devices running Android 2.1 and above.
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