With Wonder Woman‘s U.S. release right around the corner, Google, through its Made with Code initiative, announced a new project meant to help bring young women into the coding fold.

The project lets teen girls code three unique scenes from the upcoming movie, with introductory coding principles shown along the way. Alongside the interactive coding project is an advance screening of Wonder Woman, where 100 teen girls from the Los Angeles area can see the movie before giving the programming experience a go.

Made With Code was established as a way for Google to encourage young women to enter the computer science field. It does not matter what their experience levels might be – the goal is to empower young women and to bring more diversity to the traditionally male-dominated fields of computer science and engineering.

Such an effort is not a simple task. According to Google’s own research, 7th to 12th grade girls are less likely than boys to learn computer science, less aware of the field in general, and less likely to participate in computer science learning outside of school. Girls are also less likely to have computer science role models in the media, even though girls use computers and either a phone or tablet more than boys do.

Anyone interested in the Wonder Woman interactive coding project can visit Made With Code to find similar projects.

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