text drive Michael Babcock

People. Stop texting while driving. Seriously. Texting while driving is now the #1 cause of teen accidents in the United States.

We have a bus-drivers ramming into the back of cars while texting and driving:

We have police officers causing accidents while texting (and/or typing) while driving:

We have teens convicted of homicide for killing passengers in other cars while they were texting and driving:

When I watch videos detailing texting and driving accidents, I tend to see those who cause the accidents as contrite about their mistake. Well, until today.

A 21-year-old Australian woman was texting while driving to seven different people when she slammed into a cyclist, who had the proper lights on the front and back of his bicycle. The cyclist was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries including surgery for a spinal fracture.

Two days after the accident, the woman was interviewed by the police:

“I just don’t care because I’ve already been through a lot of bullshit and my car is like pretty expensive and now I have to fix it. I’m kind of pissed off that the cyclist has hit the side of my car. I don’t agree that people texting and driving could hit a cyclist. I wasn’t on my phone when I hit the cyclist.”

Did I mention that the woman did not even have a full driver’s license? She only had a provisional license.

The cyclist suffered a spinal fracture, which required surgery and placement in a spinal cage at Melbourne’s Austin Hospital. He was originally told he could be left a paraplegic and spent three months recovering.

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