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Woman refuses to give phone to robber and then gets shot

July 21, 2014

A Houston woman was recently being mugged when she refused to hand over her Samsung Galaxy phone to the mugger.

While outside her friend’s house, the woman said that she was approached by a male who told that if she didn’t hand over her phone, he would shoot her.

Her response?

“I’m not giving you my phone sir.” – CNET

She then prepared to be shot and shortly was shot. After the shot was fired, the woman’s friend dragged the victim into her house where the mugger then tried to enter the friends house.

“We were both pushing on the door trying to shut it. He got it open this much,” said friend Jennifer Pauley. “We pushed it as hard as we could and locked these locks as fast as we could.” – KHOU

Thankfully, the mugger was not able to get into the house and would eventually leave the scene. The victim was also quite lucky as the bullet grazed her head and did not cause serious damage.

I am glad to see the victim will be fine. For everyone else, do not try this stunt if you find yourself being mugged. A phone is not worth your life.