Google Android LogoAnalyst Ben Wood of CCS Insight stepped out on a limb and predicted that handset manufacturers will produce a cornucopia of Android handsets in 2010. According to his estimates, there will be at least fifty new models released in 2010 alone. Thus far, each manufacturer is rumored to be planning the following :

  • Motorola: is embracing Android in a big way and is expected to produce at least 10 handsets in 2010
  • Acer: has confirmed they have 5-6 phones on tap for 1H 2010
  • HTC: is rumored to have 5 phones slated for 1H 2010
  • Sony Ericsson: has the X10 ready for release in Q1 2010 with the assurance that there are other Android handsets planned

This figure accounts for about 22 of the projected 50 handsets but it is artificially too low as it includes only the first half of 2010 for Acer and HTC and fails to take into account offerings from Samsung, LG, and Dell. When you take a look at what potentially is ahead of us from all manufacturers, that prediction of 50 looks fairly resaonable. Along with an increase in numbers, Woods is predicting that prices on Android phones will plummet, falling to below €100 ($146 USD ) without carrier subsidies. More choices in phones that are less expensive, anyone else anxious for 2010 to begin?

[via PC World]