There are many solutions for turning your so called idiot box into a SmartTV. However, very rarely do we see a way to turn the TV into a video conferencing solution. WISE aims to make this possible with the power of Android, thanks to its WISE TIVI. Three different versions of the device will be available:

  • $90 WISE TIVI Camera
  • $80 WISE TIVI Portable
  • $60 WISE TIVI Box

The camera version of this device sits on the top of your TV and connects into an available HDMI port. With the power of a full-fledged Android operating system, you can use pretty much any video conferencing solution that is available on Android. You could even use this with a TV to host Google+ Hangouts if you want to.

Because this is a SmartTV device and not just a camera for your TV, there is also a WISE TIVI portable version that is similar to the other SmartTV-on-a-stick systema we have seen such as the Favi SmartStick and the Roku Streaming Stick. The TIVI Box is a heavier version similar to an Apple TV, Roku, or Boxee.

All three models include the same hardware. 1.6GHz dual core processors, ARM Graphics, 1GB of RAM, and between 4GB and 16GB of storage, very capable for running Android. There is also a WISE Sync app, allowing you to grab content from other devices and stream them to your WISE TV.

If you are looking for a Android based SmartTV solution, this is another great one! Indeed, this is Android transforming our lives, right from being inside our pockets to now inside our bedrooms.

Varun Raj
Varun loves to play with new technology as his bread and butter. He has been advising telecom, media and entertainment companies for more than over 4 years. He currently works at a large consulting organization in Silicon Valley amidst all the action. He has been following Android since it first launched and loves to play around with it in his free time.