With only six days left to Christmas, you might think Santa’s little elves are swamped and therefore unable to fulfill any last-minute wishes that you failed to voice in a letter to the North Pole before.

However, if all you want for this Christmas is an affordable on-contract Android smartphone, Wirefly’s elves still have you covered as long as you place an order by 1 PM EST on December 22. If you do that, the retailer guarantees you’ll have your present under the tree by the 24th, no matter if you go for a discounted Droid Razr M, a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G or a Droid Razr Maxx HD.

The Droid Razr M is only one of the many phones part of Wirefly’s holiday special promotion that can be had for free, provided you’re already a Verizon customer looking for an upgrade. Both the white and black versions go for nada right now, while if you’re new to Big Red or want to add a line to an existing account you’ll be asked to pay 50 bucks.

Another tempting free smartphone is the festive red HTC Droid Incredible 2. This doesn’t require any upfront payment no matter if you’re a new or existing Verizon customer, so weigh that in, but also the not so great spec sheet before making your decision.


T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G, Sprint’s Kyocera Rise, as well as Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 2 and LG Lucid also go for free with two-year contracts. Out of the bunch, the Exhibit is $99.99 for customers looking to add a line and free for new and upgrading users, while all the other three are available for no charge no matter if you’re signing up to a new contract or extending an existing one.

If you’re looking for some extra speed and “juice” and you don’t mind spending a buck or two, tis the season to be jolly as well, because Wirefly has dropped Droid Razr Maxx HD’s price to a never before seen $199.99.

Mind you, the Maxx HD has started selling at 300 bucks just over a month ago and has been recently discounted by Verizon to $250 as part of the carrier’s own holiday sales, so this really is one heck of a deal. Wirefly’s $200 price is valid for new and existing customers too, so what more could you want?

Well, you could want a discounted Galaxy S Blaze 4G or Droid Incredible 4G LTE and that’s exactly what you’ll get. The former is $19.99 via Wirefly, while the latter is just $9.99. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is also up for grabs for $119.99 with a Sprint contract and $149.99 with Verizon, but those aren’t exactly the best deals ever, so you might want to scrap that off your shopping lists.

Now make sure to feast on these awesome deals and have yourselves a merry little Christmas!