The Kyocera Torque was announced back in January, before making its way over to Sprint last month. The “ultra-rugged” device may not have the biggest screen in the market, or the best specifications (though the specifications aren’t bad either), or be the slimmest smartphone around, but the smartphone is targeted towards a very specific consumer base, that is, anyone working in, or exposed often to, a noisy or rough environment – we’re talking construction, or, well…extreme sports.

Bear Grylls, Mr. Nature himself, took the Kyocera Torque for a spin in a series of videos, but isn’t it always more fun when torture tests aren’t a part of an advert? Wirefly pushed the Kyocera Torque to its limits and beyond, in a series of extreme torture tests, that makes the waterproof Sony Xperia Z seem quite tame in comparison (until we start talking about specifications and looks that is).

Here’s how it went. First up, the smartphone goes through an entire wash cycle in a washing machine. In the video below, it has obviously been shortened, but there is a link to the full 33 minute cycle in the video, if you really want to spend the next half hour watching a phone in a washing machine. Next up, in an attempt to push the device beyond its recommended limits, the Torque is submerged in a bowl of water and placed in the freezer……for 15 hours! And that’s excluding the two hours needed for it to thaw out. And finally, not one, but two drops from 15 feet high. No other smartphone would survive. Does the Kyocera Torque? Let’s take a look!

It does! Albeit with a chassis that cracked after the drop tests, which would possibly affect the dust and waterproof capabilities in the future. But considering what the device was put through, the Kyocera Torque definitely deserves it “ultra-rugged” title. So, we know that the device can survive extreme torture, but how does it handle in a more normal day-to-day situation? Check out our in-depth hands-on review of the Kyocera Torque here –

After watching the above two videos, if you think that this smartphone is the one you need, the Kyocera Torque is available from Sprint for $99.99 with a new 2-year contract, and of course, for $29.99 from Wirefly.

What did you think about the extreme torture tests? How impressive were the results? Would you consider buying the Kyocera Torque? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Ankit Banerjee
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