Fans of the Wipeout TV show will be glad to learn the Wipeout 2 game has just arrived at the Google Play Store. Available for free, the game is based on a popular show in which contestants try to get through an obstacle course… and not an easy one.

As you can imagine, the game is very similar to the ABC series, except with a bit more flare and magic added to the equation. You can create your own character and choose its specific characteristics, which in turn make them better at certain abilities. Your character can get better with time and dedication, earning XP after beating each obstacle course.

Wipeout 2-2

Now let’s talk about these insane¬†obstacle courses: they are definitely as fun as you have seen in the TV show. Even the “big balls” are included! The idea goes hand in hand with the original Wipeout game, which we reviewed in depth last year. You can give it a quick read to learn more about the franchise.

The game is simple and all you need to focus on is getting through those pesky obstacles. There is no way you won’t have at least a little bit of fun with Wipeout 2, so go ahead and download it from the Google Play Store for a quick run. It’s completely free, so there is nothing to loose.

Edgar Cervantes
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