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Winulator developer shows off Starcraft with working touchscreen controls

Classic strategy game fans rejoice, there's finally a working version of Starcraft available for Android, with working touch screen controls. Winulator developer Dan Aloni has released a video showing the popular strategy game running on Android will full touchscreen support.
January 2, 2013
starcraft hydra

Classic strategy game fans rejoice; there is finally a working version of Starcraft Brood War available for Android, complete with working touchscreen controls. The bad news: it’s just a preview.

Previously, Starcraft fans have been stuck with N64 emulators, and generally struggling with frame rate problems and fiddly button mapping, resulting in a buggy and infuriating experience. But now that Winulator developer, Dan Aloni, has finished working on porting Caesar 3 he’s moved on to supporting Starcraft. If the video below is anything to go by, it looks like work is moving along well.

Winulatar allows you to play classic Windows games on your Android device by converting Windows files into ARM processor compatible ones, via the Winulator Converter Helper.

Sadly, as this is just a preview. I wasn’t able to find the files required for Starcraft, as the build still needs some work before being released. But If you fancy running Caesar 3 whilst you wait, then you’ll need the a DRM-free copy of the game, the Winulator Converter Helpful program on your PC, the Caesar 3 profile and Winulator installed on your device. It’s a pretty lengthy procedure, but just follow the installation instructions provided here.

This is a very small project, so you if want to show some support you can buy a version of Winulator on the Play Store.