Nowadays, app developers are targeting their creations to helping save people in dangerous situations. Adding to the list of apps that could potentially help save your life is a new app created by two local software developers under the names of Bob Bertsch and Jake Joraanstad. After recently developing an app intended to help victims of floods last March, they have turned to a new topic: winter driving.

The app, called Winter Survival Kit, is a free program available for both iOS and Android smartphones created by NDSU Extension Service. Its main purpose is to help motorists be ready when they are driving during winter as well as serve as an assistance in times of an emergency. Through the app, the location of the motorist can be pinpointed. It can also call 911, notify friends and family, plus monitor how long the gas will hold out. In addition, the app can give out life-saving alerts upon the push of a big red button on its home screen. This button says, ‘I’m Stranded!’ Motorists can get advice such as ‘stay with your vehicle and keep the tailpipe clear of snow, since a backup can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.’

‘It’s our sincere hope that no one ever has to use it,’ said Bertsch. ‘But if one person does have to use it and it keeps them in their car or keeps them from succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning, then it is definitely worth the time and effort that was spent on the app.’

Limitations of the App

While this sounds like a really helpful app, there are some limitations to it. Because there are some rural areas in the country that have substandard cellphone coverage, some features of the app could be impeded. When this happens, the app will automatically tell its user that his location can’t be pinpointed and suggest that he call 911.


Winter Survival Kit currently works in the US and Canada. As of this writing, it is the only winter survival-specific app currently available. It has also been downloaded up to 50,000 times from the Android Market. It also has a 4.6 star rating.


Download the app here


Christine Torralba

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