According to some sources, first-tier PC manufacturers Acer and Lenovo are all set to release tablet PCs. What makes these tablet devices special is that they have been on the success of both platforms, Microsoft Windows 8 and Intel Clover Trail. The target launch of these new devices is set to be on the Q3 of 2012.

“Intel is set to unveil its Medfield processor, designed specifically for Android-based smartphones and tablet PCs, in the first half of 2012. But as Medfield is eclipsed by ARM-based processors in terms of performance and power saving, PC players are putting more hope on Intel’s Clover Trail platform.”

Sources even believe that these Wintel (WINdows + InTEL) based tablets will be widely accepted by the market once they make an entry. One reason why they believe this is because even with all the new innovations and platforms that are being introduced to the market, people still opt to use something they are already familiar with. And with the presence of a Microsoft logo, the Wintel tablet is sure to be an instant hit.

Christine Torralba
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