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Wings of Fury: Fly and fight as a WWII-era pilot

April 1, 2012

If you’ve been a fan of retro fighter plane arcade games, then you might have come across with the classical action flight simulator known as Wings of Fury.

Developed by Android Machine, the Wings of Fury game for Android puts players in the role of an American plane pilot coming from the World War II era. Android smartphone owners can relive the action once again.

A 2D, arcade-style action game, Wings of Fury tests how good a fighter plane pilot you are. The game is highly addictive in nature, and once you start playing the game, you just can’t stop yourself from putting the game down.

Die-hard fans of flight simulation games may not find this game intriguing or interesting enough to fill the senses, as the game is simple enough without complex flight navigation controls. Instead, the game caters to casual gamers who are just looking for a simple flight control simulation game.

First-time gamers might find it difficult to maneuver the plane, but once you get the hang of the controls, it’s as easy as a walk in the park.

Wings of Fury consists of three difficulty levels: easy, normal and hard.  If you’re a first-time gamer then we advise that you head to the settings menu first and set the controls for Inverted Axis to No. Most players are already accustomed to having the Inverted Axis off, so it is best that you do the same, as well.

The main goal of the game is easy. Players just need to destroy all the
anti-aircraft guns and troops that pop out on the island and land your plane back to safely. The core mechanics of the game are simple–it’s just you and your plane flying over a remote island and destroying anti-aircraft batteries and enemy units.

Controlling your plane is easy as you get a virtual joystick to control your plane’s tilts and elevation.  A machine gun button and bomb button sits on the right side of the screen.  Use those buttons for obliterating your enemies from above. There is also a neat bomb tracker to keep you updated on how many bombs you have left in your arsenal.

Players also need to keep track of their fuel and oil gauge to keep the aircraft flying. There is also the throttle toggle that adjusts the speed of your plane.  You can  slide the throttle bar to full gear for fast-paced flight or slow down a bit to get an accurate bombing run on the targets below.

In terms of graphics, the overall design is conventional, but considering that it is a classic action game, there’s very little reason to complain.

If you’re a classical gamer or a flight simulator addict, then put on your flight gear and install Wings of Fury free from the Google Play Store.