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Windscribe is a VPN with clout

VPNs are fast becoming a necessity, and in a crowded field, Windscribe VPN is one of the stand-out competitors. Lifetime subscriptions are now on offer.
July 10, 2017

If you’ve got the wherewithal to make it to this page then we’re pretty confident you’ll know what a VPN is by now. These days being without a VPN is like leaving your front door open. If you actually do leave your front door open then you have more faith in humanity than me.

Nevertheless, it seems like malware is one of the defining features of 2017. You’re vulnerable at home, and even more vulnerable when you use public WiFi hotspots on your smartphone. Unless you want to become a statistic, every expert out there would recommend a VPN.

Being without a VPN is like leaving your front door open.

We can’t tell you which VPN to choose, but we can tell you that Windscribe is a favorite of our readers, who are (and they won’t mind me saying this) the type of people who would know.

Windscribe does everything a VPN should. It hides your IP, encrypts your connection, and doesn’t keep logs of your activity. So far, so VPN. But the folks at Windscribe pride themselves on going the extra mile. Windscribe is an extension of your browser, giving you an extra layer of protection from marketeers trying to harvest information about you.

They also think about the first-timers. The non-techies. The Windscribe gang take pride in the ease of use of their interface. Nothing complicated or unintuitive. At the most basic level you just open the browser and press the on button. Bingo! You’re protected.

Most VPNs will relieve you of a fair few bucks per month, but this is AAPicks for a reason. While the offer lasts you can get a lifetime subscription for just $49.99. There are tempting promotions on the 3 and 5 year deals too.

Delectable isn’t it. Get it while it’s on offer by hitting the button below.

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