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Forget Bluestacks, WindowsAndroid puts Android 4.0 natively on your Windows machine

Bluestacks is great for running Android, but if you want Android 4.0 running natively on Windows, check out WindowsAndroid.
January 25, 2013
When it comes to running Android on Windows, the popular choice is currently Bluestacks. There is nothing inherently wrong with Bluestacks. It runs Android apps fairly well and if there are apps you need to run on a PC, it works. What works better, though, is running Android natively. Now, WindowsAndroid gives you a chance to do so.

It’s still in early development, but WindowsAndroid is already a pretty awesome tool. It works by creating a Dalvik virtual machine on the PC and running Android 4.0 inside it. We’re not talking halfway there either. This is a fully functioning Android 4.0 with settings, apps, and everything. Just like on a device.

That said, there are some problems with it. As The Next Web points out, such an early release makes the app susceptible to crashes and other bugs. So this is definitely not ready for prime time yet.

People can move around the interface with a mouse if they don’t have a touch screen and we imagine there are keyboard shortcuts to help out too. Right now, the Google Play Store isn’t working but you can install applications but dragging and dropping APK files into windowsandroid_root\data\app and rebooting the app. Since Android is running off of the computer hardware, the whole experience should be pretty quick.

To get it, you’ll need to head over to SocketeQ’s official website. You go to the Download tab and fill out a quick form. Then they email you the download link. Filling out the form, downloading, and installing should take under half an hour depending on your internet speed.

Is WindowsAndroid going to replace Bluestacks as the go to Android-on-Windows app?

WindowsAndroid likely won’t replace Bluestacks entirely. However, the reigning Android-on-Windows champ now has some stiff competition. Given its early beta status, only the curious or the enthusiasts will probably enjoy it. When the kinks are worked out, there won’t be a better app for running Android.

As stated, it is still quite new and quite unstable. That isn’t a reason not to try it out, but don’t expect a 100% perfect experience if you download it right now. When this gets more stable, will anyone be replacing their Bluestacks with it?