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Windows OS in its entirety falls behind Android and iOS

We are all aware that the desktop business is coming to an end. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are the wave of the future and with that comes new operating systems to accommodate them. Apparently, Windows isn't it.
December 14, 2012
Source: Goldman Sachs

In most cases, people differentiate between computer operating systems and mobile operating systems. It’s not very common to compare all operating systems in a single discussion. Goldman Sachs managed to do it. They have determined that Windows has fallen behind Google Android and Apple iOS. This is counting every computing device that runs an operating system.

According to ZDNet, Goldman Sachs performed a study to determine how each operating system was doing. This included mobile and computer operating systems. So Android, Windows, and iOS were fair game. To the surprise of no one, Microsoft remains at the top of computer operating systems. To the surprise of everyone, that makes them third behind Android and iOS.

Yes, it has finally happened. Mobile operating systems have officially surpassed actual computer operating systems as the more popular software platform. This means that smartphones and tablets are the more popular hardware platform. We all knew that desktop computing was slowly dying. No one guessed it was happening this quickly.

So is Windows on its way out of the operating system business?

Not even close. According to Goldman Sachs numbers, Google controls 39%, Apple controls 29%, and Windows still takes a 26% chunk. The remaining is the “other” category, which probably means things like Bada, Linux, Blackberry, and others. 26% is still a respectable number and only 3% below Apple. If Windows 8 mobile devices ever take off, Microsoft could easily reclaim second place at least.

What the study doesn’t talk about is how Windows still dominates the computer operating system market. That has not changed at all. A wild majority of PCs and laptops still run Windows. Linux fans still bash it and Mac fans are still openly jealous of its success. That hasn’t changed.

What has changed is the number of computing devices out there. It’s no secret or hidden fact that smartphones and tablets have become the thing to buy. They have wildly outsold PCs and laptops and that is where the new market share numbers are coming from. Simply put, Windows didn’t really lose too many customers. There are just a lot more devices out there to measure. Households still have their trusty desktops and laptops. However, each person in that household probably has a trusty smartphone of their very own.

Nevertheless, numbers don’t lie. Windows is no longer the most popular or used operating system on Earth. Android is, followed by iOS, and Windows coming in at third. Does this surprise anyone? Let us know your thoughts.