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Windows 95 shown off running on the Gear Live, because why not? (Video)

A new video shows off Windows 95 running a Samsung Gear Live, because Android.
October 6, 2014

There’s plenty of reasons why I choose and support Android over any other mobile platform such as my love for most Google services, there are so many OEMs developing excellent devices running it and — above all else — the fact that the only real limit to Android’s customizability and modability is our patience, skills and imagination.

Of course, more recent Google platforms like Android Wear provide a much more ‘locked’ down experience when compared to traditional Android, yet at the heart of it these platforms are still based on Android. And as my good friend Doctor Ian Malcolm once told me “life android, uh… finds a way”. We’ve already seen cool mods for AW that allow Doom or Minecraft PE to run on it, but now thanks to a gent by the name of Corbin Davenport, Windows 95 has also made its way onto the Samsung Gear Live.

Why the hell would anyone want to do this? Because, Android. As to be somewhat expected due to emulation and other factors, Windows 95 runs even worse on Android Wear than it does on a real mid-90s X86 PC, which is saying something. The RAM is exhausted everytime you open an application and the loading times seem equally painful when first starting up. Obviously these kinds of projects are less about being useful and more about doing something cool just because you can.

No details on the exact process the modder followed to get this up and running, though we’ll be sure to update you if we learn any more details. Know of any other unique and cool AW mods, hacks or tricks? Let us know in the comments below!