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Giving your Android device a dose of Windows 8's Metro UI via Windows 8 GO Launcher Theme

June 4, 2012

One of the best things that makes the Android OS the prime choice of many users is its flexibility in adapting to the latest trends in technology.  The ability to run custom homescreen launchers is a plus factor because it can transform any Android device into something different that rival OSes can’t catch up with.

You have probably heard of the popular GO Launcher EX and Launcher Pro homescreen launchers that offer blazingly fast performance in navigating in and out of your homescreen. This time around app developer Seize Ent has upped the ante of the popular homescreen launcher by adding a little twist in bringing the elusive Metro UI launcher to Android devices.

One of the most beautiful homescreen launchers to date, the Metro UI homescreen launcher, is in fact found in the upcoming Windows 8 OS. Android users can still experience the thrill and feel of the Windows 8 launcher just by installing the GO Launcher theme on their device. The task is quite simple as you don’t need need hacking or modifying skills to get that Windows 8 feel on your device.

To install the theme all you need to do is to download the GO Launcher EX application to your Android device. After installing the launcher, you are now ready for the next step. Just download the Windows 8 Go Launcher Theme app from the Google Play Store and GO Launcher will automatically require you to install it. Press the Menu button on your home screen, and click Theme. Browse for the “Windows 8 Go Launcher theme,” and hit the Apply button to see the results.

Strictly speaking, it is not really the Metro UI launcher. But, then again, the tiles are all the same size and are arranged in pretty much the same way as in Android or iOS. Nonetheless, its clean and very minimal approach will almost certainly shine to fans of the Windows 8 genre.

Navigating through the homescreen feels like that on either the Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich stock launcher. The only thing notable about the theme is that most of your icons are changed into the equivalent Metro UI icons found in the original Windows 8 OS.

In a nutshell, the Windows 8 Go Launcher Theme from Seize Ent remains pretty much like Android. The only difference has to be the icons for every app you have. You might be expecting the real thing like rectangular and square-shaped app icons that are neatly arranged like Tetris blocks, but you may be disappointed with how it looks. If you really just want a simple alternative look for your Android stock launcher, then the Windows 8 Go Launcher Theme is a must-have. Download it for free on the Google Play Store.