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Prepare for a surprise; new data states that Windows 8 already has more web traffic than Android

Inexplicably, WIndows 8 has surpassed Android in web traffic. Analytics firm StatCounter has released some data that shows that in the course of just a few days, Windows 8 surpassed Android in web traffic. This is a surprise, considering how many Android devices there are out there.
November 9, 2012
Windows 8
When people think about operating systems that are currently dominating the market, Windows 8 doesn’t immediately come to mind. Don’t get us wrong, it will be a very popular and widely used OS in due time. However, Windows 8 has only been out for about two weeks. In that time frame, they somehow managed to overtake Android in web traffic.

According to renowned analytics firm StatCounter, Windows 8 has surpassed Android in web traffic. In the course of just two weeks, Android has stayed pretty much consistent between .5% and .7% of all web traffic. Windows 8 has been on a rapid increase. On October 21, Windows 8 had about .35%. In just a week and a half, it rose to over .7% and passed Android.

The question on everyone’s mind is how this could have happened. At last glance, there are over 500 million Android users and not that many Windows 8 users. The popular opinion is that since people spend more time surfing the web on computers than they do on their cell phones, that it helps explain this odd stat.

So Windows 8 wins because it’s a computer operating system?

That’s pretty much what the consensus is. It’s easier for most people to check their various social networks on a computer with a steady WiFi connection than it is to do it in the grocery store over 3G or 4G. Additionally, when you add in content like Farmville 2 on Facebook, there is also a lot of content that mobile users still can’t get to.

According to WinSource, no sales numbers have been released yet for Windows 8. So it’s hard to tell exactly how many people have Microsoft’s newest offering. However, it appears as though people that do have it seem to be making good use of it.

Even with all the explanations, it’s still unusual enough to look at twice. Even if Windows 8 had a great opening, it’s still hard to imagine beating out 500 million Android users. Let us know what you think about all this.