Android has gotten its fair share of 3D games, but the problem with most 3D games is that they work a lot like a PC game, and sometimes you’re starting to feel that mobile games weren’t supposed to be played like that. Perhaps, what we need is more mobile-tailored games, not much unlike Angry Birds which became a huge success by being tailored to mobile devices, but also games that are a bit more advanced than that, both graphically and gameplay wise.

Wind-up Knight seems to be such a game. It’s one of the first 3D games that actually makes sense on a tablet or smartphone. It’s a side-scroller that might remind you of Super Mario Bros, except it throws a bit of 3D in there and other cool effects. The game looks high-end, and it’s designed to keep you up at night, trying to pass those difficult levels.

The game is in the Market right now and it’s free. However, it does use in-app purchases if you want to upgrade your weapons and armor. You can get some weapons for free that will help you finish the levels, it’s just that it might not be as easy as with the more powerful ones that you can purchase.

After a few levels, you also get the option to buy the full game for $3.99. You might want to consider that option if you want to play this game on more than one device, because if you play it for free, and then do some in-app purchases, you’re going to lose all those upgrades once you move over to a different device.

This reminded me that Google still hasn’t fixed this issue so far, even though they are supposed to be good with this cloud thing. All they need to do is tie some free storage to your Gmail account, and all your apps can be synced with that account. Then when you change devices, you can download everything tied to that account again.

But anyway, if you have a pretty decent Android smartphone, you should be able to play this game. Check it out in the Android Market.

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