No doubt if you own an Android phone, or are thinking of getting one, one of the prevailing questions you might have is “will my phone get the latest version of Android, will I get Gingerbread?” Currently, there are only two handsets officially (a few others hacked of course) running 2.3. These are the Nexus S and the Nexus One. Of course, if you’ve done your due diligence, and rooted your phone, then  you can hit up a Cyanogenmod 7 release candidate (which we highly recommend) and experience Gingerbread right now. However, if you’re not the rooting type, and would prefer for a more official release, then check out our comprehensive list below.

Thankfully, the list has kept growing ever since Gingerbread was officially announced. More and more carriers, it would seem, are eager to provide the latest and greatest iteration of Android on their hardware, which is a great thing for everyone.

Header image courtesy of Sam Spratt, Gizmodo

Also, big cheers to JR Raphael for doing the hard work!

Is having  the latest version of Android on your phone important to you? Any we missed?

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